If you are tasked with writing a paper on Native Americans and cannot select a topic, consider the seven items below as a kicking off point for potential topics: Write a paper that concentrates on the phrase “American Indian” and how today it is typically used as a synonym for “Native American. Discuss how this can prove problematic for many who would argue that the names were given to them and not selected by them. Write about the unique characteristics that Native Americans share including their history, culture, and religion. Write a paper that goes after the history and effects of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act. Accomplish it as a investigate on cultural diversity. Write about the novel Love Medicine[…]

Hiya Peeps! Kerri here. Do you ever have one of those days where you feel like you’re in the TWILIGHT ZONE. Like today, for example, my kids lost their minds. Plain and elementary. Lost their ever loving minds! Rules that they have been following since Day 1 (well, maybe Day Five) went totally out the window. I felt like I just kept repeating “When is that EVER okay??” all day long! I proclaim, combine an upcoming holiday, plus the upcoming 100th day of school, plus a entire week’s vacation after that, and very first graders LOSE IT! I have to admit, I might have had to become Viola Swamp today. Just a little bit. As I was guiding them through[…]