Qualities to think about when buying paper Generally, there are several significant qualities to a fountain pen-friendly paper, and depending on your priorities and choice of pen and ink, one quality may be more significant than another (or not significant at all): Bleedthrough/feathering. Many cheaper papers tend to exhibit a large amount of ink bleedthrough (sometimes across numerous sheets). A similar effect is feathering. in which ink may not necessarily bleedthrough the page but will diffuse laterally about the page, creating a “feather” effect to lines and letters. Bleedthrough and feathering are infrequently (if ever) desirable. There is obviously some correlation inbetween bleedthrough and paper weight, but many high quality papers (such as Tomoe Sea paper, which is 52 gsm[…]

Dr. Kevin Steinmetz is an assistant professor in the Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work at Kansas State University. He was involved in beginning the Journal of Qualitative Criminal Justice and Criminology and presently serves as its book review editor. Beyond his editorial practice, Dr. Steinmetz is a critical criminologist who researches hacker culture, technocrime, racial inequality in probation, and other issues in criminology. His work has appeared in peer-reviewed journals such as the British Journal of Criminology, Perverted Behavior, Race & Justice, and Criminal Justice Review. In the very first part of the interview, Dr. Steinmetz discussed the importance of book reviews for authors, readers, and the discipline as a entire. In this last part of our interview, Dr. Steinmetz shares his perspectives[…]

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If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot. – Stephen King, American fiction author Writing is not necessarily something to be ashamed of, but do it in private and wash your mitts afterwards. – Robert A. Heinlein, American science fiction author The one thing you can’t do when you’re writing is not think. Not sure if you agree? Go ahead, attempt it. Write some thoughts about a fond or funny memory on a sheet of scrap paper: Admit it—you were thinking while you wrote, right? Now, those of you who did actually write something when prompted above (or at least composed some thoughts mentally) have had[…]

A writer’s love of writing does motivate us in the long-term, yes. But the dirty little secret is that sometimes writers need a little kick in the butt to get us motivated in the short-term, during the day-to-day battles of the long-long-long drawn out war. I’m not telling we can live without passion and love for our art. Yes, love is a good solid base for our writing careers, but it is our capacity to utilize devices for self-motivation that keeps us building on that strong base. We writers have to be Truly good at motivating ourselves because sometimes we’re the only ones around to motivate… ourselves. Here are several methods that I have found helpful: 1. Prize Yourself For[…]

Links verified on Four/24/2017 Fire Prevention – Facts and tips for families to be ready in the event that there is a fire emergency in the home. Fire Prevention Guide – Home Advice Guide Fire Safety – Songs and activities. Fire Safety Checklist – a checklist of things to consider in the bathroom, kitchen, family room and the living room Fighting Fires – Take a virtual tour. All inclusive site with virtual interaction, audio for text parts, interactive games, cut-outs to print and more. Different types of clothing for different types of fires are also included under the extras category along with pictures of firefighters in activity. Fire Safety with Hershey the Fire Dog – Activity books included. Fire Safety[…]