Qualities to think about when buying paper Generally, there are several significant qualities to a fountain pen-friendly paper, and depending on your priorities and choice of pen and ink, one quality may be more significant than another (or not significant at all): Bleedthrough/feathering. Many cheaper papers tend to exhibit a large amount of ink bleedthrough (sometimes across numerous sheets). A similar effect is feathering. in which ink may not necessarily bleedthrough the page but will diffuse laterally about the page, creating a “feather” effect to lines and letters. Bleedthrough and feathering are infrequently (if ever) desirable. There is obviously some correlation inbetween bleedthrough and paper weight, but many high quality papers (such as Tomoe Sea paper, which is 52 gsm[…]

Advertising executives and marketing experts more than likely hope that we remain oblivious to the underlying messages that ads contain and that we perceive their work purely from entertainment and consumerist perspectives rather than for the purpose of critical assessment. We need to be aware of how advertisers appeal to us, and we should think critically about the persuasive messages we encounter to ensure we are savvy, not passive, consumers. Because consumers purchase products with which they identify, it is significant to examine the subtexts of advertisements as well as the role those subtexts play in determining what products guys and women choose to associate with their private identities. Typically, the very first thing we look for in a photograph[…]

The Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) announced that it has delisted about Trio,300 titles in order to ensure that questionable and inactive publishers do not find their way into the directory. The DOAJ, which contains more than 10000 open access journals, has been criticized for poor quality control. Therefore, in 2014, DOAJ’s managing director Lars Bjornshauge had declared that all the journals listed in the directory will have to reapply to meet the newer and stricter selection criteria. The process was an attempt to detect the presence of any questionable journals. However, many journals failed to reapply despite having been sent numerous reminders. As a result, those journals have been struck off from the DOAJ. According to Dominic Mitchell, community manager[…]

A university press is most often a loss making entity serving an established research university. In addition to producing textbooks for students, its rationale has long been to serve the needs of scholars by publishing peer-reviewed research, advancing the university’s academic mission, and helping faculty members build up tenure. With several universities facing funding pressures, it has become increasingly difficult for academic administrators to justify the subsidies necessary to keep their presses going. Carl Straumsheim (Inwards Higher Ed) explores the daunting challenges presently facing this venerable institution. For the university press, print sales have never been a dependable source of revenue and these are in decline because of online competition from used/rental books. Publisher driven e-book sales have a long way to go before they can suggest effective[…]

Low vision often makes reading a difficult task in the following situations: When a diminished amount of light can come in the eye When the picture on the retina is blurred When the central portion of the retina (the macula) needed for reading is defective The contrast of the print on its background is affected by diminished light and blurring. The harm to the central retina interferes with the capability to see petite print, and to make necessary eye movements involved in reading. The following guidelines make print more legible for individuals with vision problems and for the general public as well. Therefore, they are significant for universal design. Print Size Large print type should be used, preferably Eighteen point,[…]

25 Free Lined Paper Textures for Design Projects Using paper textures and paper backgrounds, whether it’s lined paper textures or whatever type of paper texture it is, is fairly common these days. Nowadays, paper is not only used for writing upon because it can also be used as a texture in doing some design projects. If you want to create something different, you may use paper textures to add some nice photo effects. When it comes to designing a background of a certain web page, most designers used a solid color or gradient. However, the web design trend for using textures to create a sleek and clean web background has been evolving. Website design has made big strides when it[…]