I wonder if I may add to what has already been written about paper sizes. The subject was last discussed in Origami-L in January of this year. Karen Reeds alerted subscribers to the Web site already mentioned by Jorma Okansen and which I can strongly recommend at: This site shows up to be in Germany, and indeed, Germany was one of the very first countries to adopt the international sizes, before the 1939 – 1945 War. The matter was made the subject of a German DIN Standard. However, I understand that the idea for the standards originated much earlier, in the 19th Century. Today, the International Paper Sizes are the subject of an International Standard; ISO 216, issued by the[…]

While the phenomenon of retraction has received a lot of attention from the scientific community, what has not received enough eyeballs are retraction notices. Most journals do not provide the reasons behind retraction, and thus, the negative connotation about retraction proceeds to prevail. Apart from this, ambiguous reraction notices are hurting to scientific progress. Questions about what an ideal retraction notice should look like, what journals and authors can do to bring more transparency to retractions, and how this will help science form the main premise of this opinion chunk.  This content is available exclusively to Editage Insights members. To proceed reading, sign up for free and join over 169,000 Editage members. Have an Editage account? Sign in Related video: Mark Twain for[…]

Use only if abbreviation is conventional, is apt to be familiar, will save considerable space, and will prevent cumbersome repetition. Avoid beginning a sentence with an acronym or an abbreviation. For further information, see pages 111-114 in the Publication Manual. APA rules for capitalization state: Capitalize all words of four letters or more in titles of books and articles in text. Do not capitalize names of laws, theories, and hypotheses except for decent nouns. For more information, see pages 101-104 in the Publication Manual. Hyphenation APA rules for hyphenation state: For compound words not in the dictionary, use hyphens for clarity rather than omit them. Hyphenate compound adjectives that precede the noun they modify: role-playing mechanism two-way analysis middle-class families[…]

So I’ve always loved the look of dip pen handwriting, reminding me of the time when traditional correspondence was the norm. Unluckily, my touristy-bought Italian dip pen set has been collecting dust in a box. I have indeed bad mitt control and found it so difficult to write anything at all. Perhaps I was too impatient or perhaps I just didn’t give myself enough time to develop, so I want to give it another attempt. I realize practice makes ideal…the wonderful wisdom we learn from kindergarten. I quickly designed a lovely airmail stationery set to get myself into the mood of handwriting a letter. You can see from the photo that I printed on creamy cardstock which was flawless for[…]

Prospectus Writing Tips Prospectus Writing Tips What is a satisfactory prospectus? The History honors program traditionally permits the student and primary advisor a lot of freedom to define a topic and framework it appropriately, but the following steps summarize a process that has been helpful to students in HIST 1992. Remind yourself about what subjects have interested you. What durable interests do you have from your previous courses or general historical education? Inform yourself about possible subjects. Embark reading on your subject to learn about how historians have framed it (secondary sources) and also to look for your own original evidence (primary sources). If you need a primer on the difference inbetween primary and secondary sources, look at Mary Lynn[…]

With the battle for presidential nominations in total sway, it’s a ideal time to explore what it takes to become the President of the United States. Books are a wonderful way to engage our children and educate them about current events, and this election cycle is certainly an ongoing current event that has the nation’s attention (for better, or for worse). My daughter Addie and I used Embark with a Book (a site by WETA, the PBS station in Washington, DC) to find books about how our election cycle works and what it takes to become President of the United States. I then interviewed Addie and got a Five ? year old’s perspective on what she would do if she[…]