We’ve just brought in some fresh things from Original Crown Mill. We have the Classic Laid and the 100% Unspoiled Cotton.

I’m a sucker for the indeed nice writing paper. The Classic Laid in juices is what I’m talking about today, mainly because I love textured paper and having just a bit of feedback when I write – the sound and feel of the nib against the paper! If you’re going for smoother paper, you will want to look at the 100% Unspoiled Cotton.

Original Crown Mill Classic Laid Writing Stationery – in fluid or white!

We had been thinking about Original Crown Mill Paper and debating back and forward on it for a while now. We had been holding off on it because we had already had G. Lalo stationery in, but the latest delays in getting the A5 G. Lalo papers in spurred us to bring in the fresh line.

The paper is replicated from the very original handmade sheets made by monks in Belgium, which may be the ultimate in romantic beginnings. It’s now made by Pelletier, a Belgium company, who has expanded the line to include envelopes and cards and other paper things. The Classic Laid Paper is available in fluid or white. with corresponding envelopes.

A sheet with guide lines on it for the neatest writing.

I love that a tablet or pad of this paper comes with a guide sheet of lines! It’s the very first page you rip off, and it is very, very useful. You rip it off and place it directly underneath the sheet you’re writing on so you can just see the shadow of the lines underneath. I know school teachers are supposed to be able to write in straight lines, but it never hurts to have some help ??

However, you can see the grid of textured lines across the page, which should help you write neater lines even without the guide sheet. It has lines as the Brink de France paper from G. Lalo. They’re not fairly as pronounced as the G. Lalo, but it’s still fairly evident.

You can just see the texture of the paper.

Writing Sample on Original Crown Mill Classic Laid Writing Paper with a Serwex 362 and Sailor Jentle Ultramarine.

The writing sample is done with a Serwex 362 and a fine nib, and the ink is Sailor Jentle Ultramarine. The Serwex is fairly a raw writer, and combined with the absorbency of the paper the lines look like a medium -and without any feathering! The paper truly is fairly absorbent, but treats the ink fairly well. You can see the glitter of the ink just on the edges of the letters, where the ink has pooled slightly – nice and crisp.

The absorbency also means pretty good dry time – not that you would want to rush any of those letters. It might not fare so well with drier pens or EF nibs, as it just soaks up the ink. It’s nice and thick 100 gsm paper, so no bleed through at all from this writing.

The «vergeures» or lines are just slightly less than the lines from the G. Lalo Brink de France paper.

Flawless for a thank you or a note to brighten someone’s day.

In addition to the beautiful paper, the beautiful design of the Original Crown Mill name on the packaging makes me think that a set of paper and envelopes would make a fine bounty – mailed to a friend or family member, what a wonderful way to begin a correspondence across a distance.

Original Crown Mill Classic Laid Writing Paper

We’ve just brought in some fresh things from Original Crown Mill. We have the Classic Laid and the 100% Unspoiled Cotton.

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