So I’ve always loved the look of dip pen handwriting, reminding me of the time when traditional correspondence was the norm. Unluckily, my touristy-bought Italian dip pen set has been collecting dust in a box. I have indeed bad mitt control and found it so difficult to write anything at all. Perhaps I was too impatient or perhaps I just didn’t give myself enough time to develop, so I want to give it another attempt. I realize practice makes ideal…the wonderful wisdom we learn from kindergarten.

I quickly designed a lovely airmail stationery set to get myself into the mood of handwriting a letter. You can see from the photo that I printed on creamy cardstock which was flawless for the envelope but too big and too thick for the stationery writing paper. I reprinted the writing paper on plain paper and that undoubtedly looks better. These were printed at half size to make mini-letters but of course the PDF is total US Letter sized paper.

I thought I would share this printable with all of you, so feel free to download the PDF above and use for your private writing adventures. Have joy!

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thank you Linda, that is awesome! I love the vintagey look of the blue and crimson stripes!

You are very welcome, thanks for stopping by!

thanks for the printable – i love it! what a flawless post as I went yesterday to the post office to mail you a surprise – yes! eventually I made to the post office. Unfortunetly I cannot used my old excuse from when I lived in Mexico that the mail was sent via «burro express»(«burro» means donkey in psanish not butter in italia ?? lol! Have a excellent weekend!

Hope you can use the printable, Sarah! Ooo…snail mail surprise, what can it be. Haha…I’m super excited, have a fantastic weekend yourself as well!

Thank you so much! I love mitt writing letters, tho’ I do it so infrequently now. Your airmail stationary inspires me to get out my nice pens and attempt again. And of course to craft and use a mini version in a collage or card or something else joy! ??

Hi Dee! Thanks for stopping by, I’m glad you can use the stationery. It’s true many of us go for emails, text messages and the like… but a handwritten note is so much more special. I hope you will break out those pens and give it a attempt – have joy!

I love the look, and of course, it’s still mailable, but I will say that I used to actually buy and use airmail stationery to send letters to pen pals in other parts of the world. It was always printed on very skinny paper, almost like onionskin, that was also harsh and accepted ink well. So if someone wants to skip the cardstock, that’s totally in keeping with the spirit of airmail stationery.

Anyway, thanks for the printable! ??

You are very welcome for the printable! Yes you can print on any kind of paper you would like, maybe something older and yellowing paper would actually be cool!

Ditto what M.E. said. Also, air mail used to be indeed expensive, so writers would cover the front and back writing across the usual way, then switch pen colors, turn the paper 90 degrees, and write *across* what they’d already written, on each sheet (if they needed more than one sheet, which I think was uncommon – this was frugality!). it’d make your eyes cross at very first but once you got the suspend of deciphering them, it worked.

Oh wow! What a method…hehe…but I totally understand the frugality. There was a time when paper was infrequent and precious, only for royalty!

Oh, no! I attempted the link and it said the file is bruised and could not be repaired? *weep* It looks so scrumptious, too! Is my computer too old? *breathe*

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