Obviously the fortune teller is spread out all over the world.

Another name of it is cootie catcher. In Germany the figure is called Himmel und Hölle (Heaven and Hell), Nasenkneifer (nose pincher), Pfeffer und Salz ( pepper and salt) or Salznäpfchen ( salt pot).

Take a sheet of paper of the size A4 (8 1/Two” x 11″). Paper used for ink jet printers will do.

Fold the upper half down on the crimson line.

You can give the fortune teller dual walls. Then go to step Ten, add step Five and 6 and proceed with step Ten.

If you go back to the square, the 16 puny squares have got both diagonals.

1st Game:
The fortune teller has four cups and can be used for putting things in. This leads to the German name pepper and salt.

2nd Game:
Put the thumb, the index finger, the middle finger and the ring finger into the cups. You can pinch the nose with these “gloves”. This explains the other German name nose pincher.

3rd Game:
A game is played since the 1950s as goes after.

Put the thumb and the fingers in the cups. If you look at the opened switch roles side, you see crimson and blue (picture). If two suitable cups touch each other, there are only crimson or blue. If you close the paper, you must not see any colour.

The children’s game is to close the fortune teller very first. Then the other player must give a direction how to open it. He will go to Hell with crimson and to Heaven with blue.

4th Game:
The third game is developed further in many ways in Germany.
Here is a version from the 1980s:

Fetch chocotate,
Hide yourself,
Touch your nose,

Write the numbers 1 to 8 in any order on the switch sides sides of the triangles. Then lift two triangles each and write funny tasks on the switch sides side.

In the game the very first player puts the thumb and the fingers in the cups. The switch sides side is closed. The 2nd player chooses a number, i.e. 6. The very first player must open and close the paper 6 times and end with opening. four triangles and so four numbers are to be seen. The 2nd player must choose one of the numbers, i.e. Two. The other one lifts the triangle Two (and 6) and reads the task. The 2nd player has to obey ;-).

Fifth Game:
Today (in 2002) the tasks are substituted by statements like “You’ re going to get a rich man”, “You’re going to be a movie starlet”, “You’re going to have three children”, You’re going to go around the world”, or “You’re going to win in the lottery”.

In the chapter “Some Mathematics” you can read how to produce the pattern on the far left. If you fold the triangles on the blue line rearwards, you form a square standing on one corner. It is the begin for fresh figures.

Fold the blue lines for mountains, the crimson lines for valleys.

You receive a figure (photo), which lightly becomes a duck, if you fold the two lower points forwards and hide them inwards.

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