I drew these hats to use in my classroom and posted them here at A to Z w-a-a-y back in 2002. These are for individual use in your own classroom and/or home. Do not use my drawings to create documents to share or sell. I have found it necessary to explicitly state this because I have seen them redistributed without permission or credit given to me. If you have any questions about this, please contact me .

How are others using these printables?

I love observing these printables at work in other classrooms! I’d love to see and hear how you used these in your classroom.

Striped Hat Pattern. Printable hat form with stripes. Wear it by affixing to a sentence unwrap, or use for form book, listing words, etc.
Striped Hat Pattern

Blank printable hat pattern. Decorate it with a unique style, draw in the stripes, use it as a form book cover, etc.
Blank Hat Pattern

Petite Hat Patterns. These hats are striped and blank; sized Two per page.
Petite Hat Patterns

Smaller Hat Patterns. These hats are striped and blank; sized Four per page.
Smaller Hat Patterns

Even Smaller Hat Patterns (Fresh!) Both striped and blank, 8 per page.
Even Smaller Hat Patterns

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Hat Printables for Dr. Seuss, Cat in the Hat, or Just Hats!


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